About company

Company CUTCO Steel s.r.o. is a part of the AML Holding a.s.

CUTCO Steel s.r.o. is a modern dynamic company dealing with the division of material, forming, machining and surface treatment. Our goal is to have a leading position on the Central European market through the use of the latest manufacturing technology and investment in IT.

CUTCO Steel s.r.o. is an important new player on the market. Our strategic goal is, particularly, building long-term and mutually advantageous relations with our customers, to whom we always try to offer an optimal solution to their needs. The parent company, AML Holding a.s., is a guarantee of financial stability. We provide world-class products and services, which allows us to constantly increase the value of the company. For our manufacture we have comprehensive material assurance procured by verified suppliers of steel plates. It is a matter of course for us to use only fully certified material with all the necessary (required) material tests.

We are a responsible employer which places an emphasis on team cooperation and the personal development of employees.

Another important part of our work is our relationship with the environment. We are ecologically responsible, and sustainable development is an important part of our business.

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